Bricks and Beyond!

3 Day LEGO and HTML Workshop

Here you'll find the digital record from our latest 3 Day Workshop. Kids 8-14 years old had just 3 days to build a complex LEGO model and record it digitally, coding their own page in HTML and CSS from scratch! Our tamariki learnt how to design, plan and communicate with their team before learning real world coding skills. Find your child's very own web page below.

Team Traction

Max, Riley, Angus and Beck built two large models based on the book and movie Mortal Engines and combined them.

See Max's Page

See Riley's Page

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LEGO Grrlz

Lara, Holly and Kiri decided to create a MOD from three distinct LEGO models - Friends Lighthouse Rescue Centre, Minecraft Desert Outpost and Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut to form Hagrid's Animal Rescue Centre.

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Battle Boyz

George and Sam discovered a shared passion for WW1 and built this large scale trench warfare MOC.

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Liam took on a massive challenge to build a large scale bridge all by himself! To maximise his chances he chose to a creeate a Build Of Lots Of Colours (BOLOC MOC).


See Liam's page

Jumping Gadgets

Leo and Elliot knew their plan before even entering the room - they wanted to recreate Lord's cricket ground. Some techincal challenges awaited them!

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